Episode 14 + 15: The alphabet of Hepatitis: A, B, C and E

Hepatitis viruses are a must know in medicine. Especially A, B and C.

Try read this Hep B serology: is this acute? chronic? resolved? or immunized?

Problem 1:

  • HBsAg = +ve
  • HBcAb = IgM
  • HBsAb = -ve
  • HBeAg/ DNA = +ve

Want another?

Problem 2:

  • HBsAg = -ve
  • HBcAb = -ve
  • HBsAb = IgG
  • HBeAg/DNA = -ve

If that’s all gibberish, don’t worry! Join the Common Rounds as they try to explain this headache of a topic to you as simply as they can.

Listen to podcast (Hepatitis A,B and E)

Listen to podcast (Hepatitis C)

Download notes

Answer: 1. Acute infection  2. Immunized

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