Onco 4 – Genetics of Colorectal Cancers

Colorectal cancer sequence

Colorectal cancer sequence – adapted from Robbins and Cotran Pathological Basis of Disease 9th ed

Find out the genetic component of the pathogenesis of colorectal cancers

Episode 16: IBS and Lactose intolerance

Join us on the Common Rounds as we describe Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

What does it present like? Are there any macroscopic features in the large intestine?

Finally, we bring our gastro-intestinal series to an end with lactose intolerance. We’ll try to answer the big question – Why can’t some people tolerate their milk?

Sit back and relax while we talk through these conditions!

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Episode 14 + 15: The alphabet of Hepatitis: A, B, C and E

Hepatitis viruses are a must know in medicine. Especially A, B and C.

Try read this Hep B serology: is this acute? chronic? resolved? or immunized?

Problem 1:

  • HBsAg = +ve
  • HBcAb = IgM
  • HBsAb = -ve
  • HBeAg/ DNA = +ve

Want another?

Problem 2:

  • HBsAg = -ve
  • HBcAb = -ve
  • HBsAb = IgG
  • HBeAg/DNA = -ve

If that’s all gibberish, don’t worry! Join the Common Rounds as they try to explain this headache of a topic to you as simply as they can.

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Answer: 1. Acute infection  2. Immunized

Episode 13: Hemochromatosis – A few reasons iron supplements are not candy

“Feeling tired? You might have anaemia! Try our iron supplements to make you feel better.” Says an ad campaign.

Well, too much iron can be detrimental too! The Common Rounds presents  Hemochromatosis — that disease when you have too much iron deposited.

So think twice if you are going to overload yourself with iron tablets, you could give yourself secondary hemochromatosis. (That being said, it’ll take you quite a few decades for the side effects to show…)

Join the Common Rounds as they talk through the normal physiology of iron absorption, pathology of Primary Hemochromatosis and many more!

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Episode 11: How much do you know about Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

Join the Common Rounds as we talk you through the key distinguishing characteristics of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

As you may know, IBD is broken down into two disease subsets: Crohns and Ulcerative Collitis.

Do you think you can distinguish between these two diseases? Join Hamed and Andy as they talk you though the differences in just 20 mins.

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Episode 8 and 9: Alcoholic Liver disease and NAFLD – Why your liver gets fat

A fatty liver is when there is excess fat droplets being deposited in hepatocytes. Usually this occurs from damages done to the liver. Alcohol is one of such factors to cause damage, but is it the only one? What other disease processes will alcohol lead to in the liver?

Stay tuned and learn about alcoholic liver disease, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

Episode 8: Alcoholic liver diseases

Episode 9: NAFLD

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