Onco 15 – The common skin tumors you MUST know

Did you know that a third of Australians will get some form of skin cancer in their lifetime?

Learn how Skin cancers form and what are the common ones to look for with Hamed and Andy.

Onco 13 – The importance of pap smears – Ovarian and Cervical Tumors

The importance of pap smears.

Join us on the Common Rounds as we go through common tumors found in the ovarian and cervical region.

Episode 11: How much do you know about Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

Join the Common Rounds as we talk you through the key distinguishing characteristics of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

As you may know, IBD is broken down into two disease subsets: Crohns and Ulcerative Collitis.

Do you think you can distinguish between these two diseases? Join Hamed and Andy as they talk you though the differences in just 20 mins.

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