Doctors and Asylum Seekers in Australia – the dilemma we face

As a doctor, do you treat someone who’s broken the law?

Our school hosted a night to discuss the challenging and emotive topic of asylum seeker and refugee policy in Australia. We had the Companion House (refugee and asylum seeker healthcare service) medical director Dr Christine Phillips provide an outline of not just health issues but the broader societal and political issues affecting these patients.

For those who are unaware of the situation, the Australian Governmental takes a harsh stance on asylum seekers that illegally arrive in Australia. The stance is exacerbated by negative media portrayals and dehumanisation of these desperate individuals who arrive at our shores by boat.

It is without a doubt these people require our attention and care. In this talk we are provided a unique perspective from a highly regarded physician working within this domain.

Let’s hear what Dr Phillips had to say.