Episode 6: Cirrhosis – Causes, features and its complications

Do you know what cirrhosis is? Why does it look nodular? What are common complications? Why do these complications come to be?

If you can answer these questions, skip this episode and move one. Otherwise, join us again as we talk you through the answers.

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Episode 4: Control of body weight – How to survive in the obesogenic environment

Our world is an obesogenic environment. Join us as we explore the key hormones related to appetite regulation, neural pathways that control our appetite and also other hedonistic pathways that make us hungry.

Are you craving for maccas right now? Well put down that burger and listen to what we have to say before you take a bite. You’re craving may not be because you’re hungry and low on nutrition.

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Episode 1: Upper GI physiology – What you need to know

Episode 1


What are the four layers of the GIT tract? What are the phases of swallowing? How does peristalsis occur? What nerves are involved up regulating and down regulating motility? What on earth are secretin, CCK, GIP?

Listen to Andy and Hamed attempt to describe these concepts in their very first show. They may be a bit shy, so be nice guys!

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