Hey Doctors! Talk to a Vet, you never know what you’ll learn!

“Learning about the significant overlap between the disorders of animals and humans, how was it that I had never thought to ask a veterinarian, for insights into one of my human patients?”

I watched this UCLA Cardiology professor share what she learnt from our veterinarian colleagues. I have to say, I whole heartedly agree.

I’ve got a best friend from high school that is working as a vet, and it’s just fascinating to learn about the similarities and differences between human medicine and vet medicine. Here’s a snippet of what I’ve learnt from him over the years.

Did you know:

  • Cat’s normal heart rate is between 140 to 220 bpm?
    It will take super human listening skills to hear pan-systolic murmurs and regurgitations!
  • Dogs cannot metabolise certain compounds in chocolate, making it toxic for them to eat.
  • Paracetamol is deadly to cats.

True story! Seriously, go talk to a vet. You never know what you’ll learn.

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