Bad Pharma

A short post today, as medical students and future doctors we will hold a special place in society. We will be a point of contact between patients and the healthcare system. A system that flirts with both the public and private sector.

Several months ago I had the opportunity to read Bad Pharma by Dr Ben Goldacre. It was a really eye opening book about the role of the pharmaceutical industry an its influence on the practice of medicine. It is undeniable that without a viable pharmaceutical industry our arsenal of pharmacotherapy will be highly limited. However, the relationship we will have with this industry must be politely cautious and not digress from the path of critical thought. It is very easy to forget this when being dined, swooned and seduced by the industry. Thankfully our human fragility is noted and there are more legislative barriers in place (in Australia) to prevent less than professional relationships with the pharmaceutical industry.

Here is a really great TED talk by Dr Ben Goldacre

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