[Podcast] Heme #1,2,3: Basic haematopoiesis – What you need to know

Before we approach pathologies in haematology, it’s always good to get an understanding of the basics. Today on the Common Rounds we present to you the basic principles and terminology involved in haematopoiesis – the process of blood cell generation.

How are red blood cells made? What is thrombopoiesis? What are the regulating growth factors involved in granulopoiesis?
What are HbA, HbF and HbA2?

Join us as Andy and Hamed explain the general haematopoiesis physiology.

Listen to the podcast:

  • General Terms + Erythropoiesis (Making RBC)
  • Thrombopoiesis(Making platelets) + Granulopoiesis (Making WBC)
  • Hemoglobin basics: Structure, function and formation

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